Create a Project and Milestones

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  • Explain how to create projects and milestones.

Let’s set the scene.

  Aprika Creative Agency is starting a new website build for their client Grommets, Inc. The project will be completed in three phases: Design, Build and Deliver. Layne Becker as Project Manager is responsible for the success of the project.

What are Projects, Milestones, and Actions?

Layne’s website build will be represented in Mission Control as a Project record.  The three phases: Design, Build and Deliver, will be represented as Milestone records. Each Milestone represents a group of Actions.

An Action record represents a discrete piece of work that we assign to a Role. For example, during the Milestone of Design, there will be two Actions. One of the Actions will be to create the website wireframes and another will be to review wireframes with the client. These Actions will be assigned to different Roles. 

In Mission Control, when you complete all of the Actions, the Milestone is set to complete. When you complete all of the Milestones, the Project is set to complete. 

In this lesson, we will create a Project and its Milestones. We will create the Actions in the Create Actions lesson.

Let’s create a Project.

Layne is going to build a project called “Grommets Website Build”, then the three milestones for the project phases; “Design”, “Build” and “Deliver”. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on the Mission Control tab to get to the Mission Control Console.
  2. Click on Launch Pad.
  3. Click on the New Project button.
  4. On the dialogue that pops up, type in a Project Name.
  5. Enter the Milestone Name.
  6. Optional: assign values for budgets and deadlines.
  7. Click Launch Project to create the records for your new project and milestones.

Create Project dialogue.

Following these steps, Mission Control takes you to the Insights tab of the Project Overview page:

Insights Page

To see the milestones, click Overview:

Overview Page

Note: Projects can also be created by clicking on the Project tab, clicking Create New and completing all the mandatory fields.

Before we move on…

Layne has built her project “Grommets Website Build”, and three milestones for the project phases; “Design”, “Build” and “Deliver”. Next on her to do list is to determine the billing approach for this project.  

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