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Spend more time with clients and less time organizing your day. With Mission Control’s Salesforce Gantt chart, you’ll enjoy a clear overview of your project briefs, their progress and allocated resources. All of which is designed to keep your day on track and make it easy to collaborate with your team.

Create actionable tasks and take your business’s client and project management capability to the next level using time tracking, the resource capacity planner and the intuitive assignment wizard.


Mission Control provides you with native Salesforce project management software.


Mission Control provides you with native Salesforce project management software.



  • Mission Control Console
  • Project Template ‘Deep Clone’
  • Drag n’ Drop Gantt Charts
  • Gantt Chart Critical Path
  • Gantt Chart Baseline Dates
  • Project Kanban Whiteboard
  • Full P&L Financials
  • Billing & Cost Tracking
  • Resource Assignment Wizard
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Manage Invoicing & Credit Notes
  • Issue Invoice PDF to Client
  • Receive Payments against Invoices
  • Assignment & Reminder Notifications
  • Task Management Checklist Items
  • Role Utilisation Reporting
  • Recurring Milestones & Actions
  • Document Management
  • Chatter Integration / Collaboration
  • Timesheets
  • Burn Down Chart
  • Resource Capacity Scheduler
  • Calendar / Resource Utilisation
  • Track Holidays & Non Working Days
  • Risk Log / Risk Chart / Risk Matrix
  • Milestone & Action Clone
  • Multi Currency Support
  • PMO Dashboard
  • Program Management
  • Identify Requirements, User Stories & Personas
  • Export to MS Project
  • Cirrus Insight Inbox App!

All features with the white check are included in the free trail.
Project management software. Built on the Salesforce Platform,
it operates within your own instance and does not require any
third party integrations.

everything included

As you’ll have noticed, Mission Control packs quite a project management punch! The beauty is, all of these features come ‘out of the box’. We don’t break the features up into different modules and charge more for optional extras.

The moment you start using Mission Control, all of these features will be at your finger tips. Pretty cool eh!

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